Rooftop, Patio, and Deck Artificial Turfs

Make Your Outdoor Living Space
More Attractive and Spacious

Most people don’t even consider putting grass on their roof, or even on their deck and patio. But anybody who has ever done so knows just how big of an improvement it makes. You can transform any boring outdoor living area into an attractive spot with an artificial turf. You can also create more usable space out of it.


Our patio and roof deck solutions offer a number of advantages and is suitable for both residential and urban applications. They can transform an aging or barren garage, outdoor/indoor decks, patios, and pool areas and provide a more reliable, sustainable, and eco-friendly alternative to wood and composite decks, as well as concrete deck tiles. Best of all, they require very little maintenance. Commercial applications are also ideal, with many of our customers finding use for rooftop gardens, entertainment areas, and commercial establishments with balconies and terraces. Our products provide a lightweight surface that can be easily installed and have proper drainage. They are also rated with a class 1 fire rating.



With our roof deck and patio solutions, you will no longer need to deal with the hassle of staining and weather proofing. It makes for a very cost-efficient and sustainable alternative to traditional deck materials such as wood or tiles.


Our artificial grass will always have the advantage over concrete when it comes to aesthetics. And it offers the best of both worlds – the aesthetics and feel of natural grass, without the need for regular heavy maintenance.


Green grass will always enhance the beauty of any environment, especially rooftops that are predominantly made of concrete and glass. A bunch of planter boxes can bring life and enhance aura of any commercial rooftop.


Increase Casual Living Space

You can expand your total leisure space simply by installing our product on your unused areas.

Improve Aesthetics

Bring new life to your patio deck or terrace. You can turn it into an exciting entertainment area for guests, a recreational area for pets and children, or your own personal oasis.

Pet Patios

You can turn your unused rooftop area into a place for your pet to play. Just install our artificial pet grass system, which will have the feel of natural grass that pets love to play in, without any danger of pests such as fleas and ticks. You won’t even need to worry about mud!


Our artificial turf products require no watering, no staining, no weather guard, and minimal upkeep. This helps you conserve water and avoid use of potentially harmful chemicals.


Our artificial turf products are lighter than traditional roof deck materials, making it easier on your property and ideal if you want to keep the load on your structure light.

Safety Focused

The artificial turf we offer has a Class 1 fire rating, which makes it safe for use in commercial buildings.

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Residential Installation Features:

You can trust that your rooftop and patio system is properly installed only by qualified and licensed professionals, which will ensure reliability and compliance with local codes.

  • Full service installations done by professionally trained crew
  • Resists wind and uplift due to proper securing to surface
  • Proper drainage, which will prevent build up of snow and rain
  • Turf materials are easy to handle for workers and can be custom-cut to fit in freight elevators

Commercial Installation Features:

Our products offer a number of advantages over traditional roof deck materials:

  • Made from nylon and with a class 1 fire rating
  • lightweight, will not put stress on structure
  • Reduces surface temperature by 20%
  • Non-slip surface and can accommodate wheelchairs
  • Improves aesthetics and increases value of a property
  • No staining or weather proofing maintenance required
  • Long lasting and can withstand heavy foot traffic

Help the Environment​

Our artificial turf product is made with the environment in mind. We value environmental sustainability, and ensure that the product has an extended lifespan. The overall result is a reduced carbon footprint, conservation of water resources, and a product that can use renewable and recycled materials in manufacturing. We take environmentally-conscious builders in mind, and all of our projects are aligned with the same vision and principle.

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