Our Services

At Water Wise Landscape, we have earned a reputation for providing quality landscape services to the Coachella Valley and San Diego County in the form of landscape design, outdoor lighting, landscape architecture, drip irrigation, xeriscaping, and paver installation that customers can rely on. 

Landscape Design

Enjoy outdoor living all year long! Our designs are centered around optimizing the space to fit your needs, efficiently using water, and creating an extension of your home or business. We enhance the aesthetics of your property, while also optimizing your resource usage.

Landscape Installation

Whether working on a new landscape or making adjustments to an existing landscape, our crew has experience using the best practices for both hardscape and softscape installation. You can rest assured that your property is in the hands of people with the right kind of knowledge, and the right amount of experience.

Landscape Lighting

The correct landscape lighting can increase your yard’s safety and functionality. Our experts are knowledgeable in design, functionality, and installation of outdoor lighting. We will provide everything you need to make your landscape look beautiful at night. Best of all, we make sure to avoid unnecessary and wasteful electricity use, so you can have the best of both worlds: aesthetics and cost-efficiency.


Switching your current landscape to a desert landscape will lower your water bills and decrease your maintenance bills. Our staff has the knowledge and experience to convert your landscape.


Pavers provide the same strength as concrete, however they also bring an added touch of design. Pavers come in a blend of earth tones and bring a richer look to any landscape.​


Our experts at Water Wise Landscape can transform existing systems into drip irrigation systems. Our style of irrigation targets water where it’s needed and prevents water from reaching unwanted areas.​

Water Efficient Remodels

In the desert, maintaining a green landscape is expensive and requires extensive maintenance. For this reason, we have developed efficient techniques for transforming an existing landscape into a water efficient space. There is no need to sacrifice aesthetics and functionality for sustainability. Water Wise Landscape ensures that you can get them all.

Water Conservation Rebates

Are you interested in conserving water for your city while also transforming your home's appearance? We will help you apply for water conservation rebate programs in your city.

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