Below are testimonials from just a few of our very satisfied clients. If you are a prior client of Water Wise Landscape and would like to add your testimonial here, please click the link below.


“Hudson Hale and his crew at Water Wise Landscape were the most creative, professional, clean, and personal contractors I have worked with yet. Hudson totally understood my vision for the back yard, and created a dream yard for me that far exceeded my expectations. I’m just thrilled with the outcome. I would highly recommend Water Wise Landscape.”

Beth L.

“Hudson called promptly to set up an appointment, showed up to my house on time to evaluate my problem garden project. Rather than sell me a backyard full of new sod, he told me that it would just have to be replaced again in a few years. He recommended that I simply fertilize the lawn more frequently and told me what products to use. Then he fertilized the lawn when he said her would, even though he doesn’t usually do such small jobs. He is every honest and truly helpful.”

Jeanette J.

“Water Wise did a great job for us. The owner came up with a good design based on our input, delivered their services as committed and completed the job in less time than estimated. The owner is very personable and extremely professional. His deep knowledge of horticulture and the desert environment helped us substantially. Cost for the products and services was reasonable and the entire experience was really great. We will use them again and we recommend them to others.”

John R.

“The time and consideration that Water Wise put into my request and into any questions I had was invaluable to me! It is not easy to find people like this anymore. The job I needed done was something I am uneducated about and I needed to find someone who could explain different options and show me ideas. Several other companies didn’t even ask me what I wanted let alone take the time to have any discussions at all. I loved working Water Wise! I felt very confident with them from the beginning, and I love the completed project! Thank you!”

Lynn B.

“This company and Mr. Hale has performed excellently. appointments are being kept, and the advice given was most useful. extremely knowledgeable about plants and trees, irrigation and fertilizing, very professional. highly recommended!”

Katrina H.

“Water Wise had original ideas, drew up plans and met with us a second time for review and discussion of plant choices. I was really impressed with the amount of time and effort that was put into the proposal. Heads above the rest of the pack.”

Mike C.

“Usually construction projects are a hassle. Everything about this service was impeccable! Hudson, our contractor, was honest, pleasant, prompt, fair priced, professional crew. I would work with this service on everything. Absolutely excellent!”

Brenda S.

“Water Wise Landscape converted my yard to a water conservative desertscape last year. I couldn’t be more pleased with the design, the knowledgeable plant selections or the quality and professionalism of the project. My entire yard was completed in just a few days. It uses less than $10 worth of water per month and is basically maintenance free. Because the yard is so beautifully executed, it has added considerably to the value of my home. I felt comfortable and confident when I selected Water Wise and am extremely pleased that I made that decision.”

Glen L.

“The landscaping truly transformed the entire property. Since the completion of the project, I have been asked by several neighbors and others passing by who had done our landscaping and have had the landscaping photographed for various publications.”

Peter B., Caddy Products, Inc.

“It is without hesitation, that I recommend Water Wise Landscape be seriously considered before proceeding with any landscaping project big or small. Over the past 5 years I have had Hudson do other smaller landscape additions at my residence and will continue to use Water Wise for all my landscaping needs in the future.”

Peter B., Caddy Products, Inc.

“As a result, our residents benefited from the beautification of our perimeter area; but of equal importance, our irrigation and maintenance costs have resulted in a 30% savings for that area. Without hesitation I would highly recommend engaging the services of Hudson Hale and Water Wise Landscape for their professional understanding of water conservation, and its application to any landscape projects you may be considering.”

Roberta R., General Manager Palm Desert Greens Association