Paver Installation

How Do You Know if You Need to
Replace Your Concrete with Pavers?

Does your property welcome people with cracked and weathered concrete? Is your patio covered in concrete leaving your outdoor living space cold and unwelcoming? If so, it may be time to replace your worn concrete with pavers! Although pavers provide the same strength as concrete, they also bring an added touch of design. They come in a blend of earth tones and provide a richer look to any landscape. At Water Wise Landscape, we provide the highest quality paver installation giving you a livable outdoor space guaranteed to stand the test of time.

We will replace your weathered concrete with pavers in a safe and efficient manner. Our Bermuda Dunes landscaping staff have experience installing pavers in a variety of spaces for a variety of uses. First, we will excavate the space, lay a base of rock and sand, and then install the pavers. Unlike concrete, a paver installation is made up of individual pieces much like a stone or brick walkway. These individual pieces leave you with flexibility for future projects because they still allow you to have access to the surface below. Also, individual pieces eliminate the risk of cracking.

For more information regarding our paver installation services, contact our experts at Water Wise Landscape today! Our services also include Landscape Design, Landscape Installation, Landscape Maintenance, Landscape Lighting, Desert Landscaping, Drip Irrigation, Water Efficient Remodels, and Water Conservation Rebates.

Advantages of Pavers.

Water Wise Landscape will recommend concrete pavers for both residential and commercial applications, if it is applicable. Granted that pavers mean extra work, but the benefits definitely outweigh all the extra work. They make good surface coverings and are aesthetically pleasing when installed properly.

Pavers are Cost-Efficient.

There are a variety of materials that can be used as pavers, and clients can choose the ones that fit their needs and budget. Concrete pavers tend to be the most affordable, while there are clay pavers or granite pavers that will look elegant especially when coupled with our great landscape lighting.

Comes in Many Shapes and Colors.

There are almost an endless number of styles and color possibilities for pavers. There are even tricks of the trade that can be employed to further minimize costs, such as manufacturing concrete pavers to look more like expensive naturally occurring paver materials.


The number of options when it comes to pavers make designs very flexible. The pavers can be designed around many shapes, patterns, or colors. This means Water Wise Landscape can really make the walkway of your backyard landscape truly attractive.

Easy to Maintain.

Water Wise Landscape ensures that your paved landscape will be easy to maintain. There are types of pavers that can be easily removed or replaced for utility repairs. So that if you ever need some more work done on your walkway, you won’t need to suffer through downtimes.

Our Other Services

At Water Wise Landscape, we have earned a reputation for providing excellent landscaping services to the Coachella Valley and San Diego County in the form of landscape design, outdoor lighting, landscape architecture, drip irrigation, xeriscaping, pool landscaping, and paver installation that customers can rely on. 


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Pavers provide the same strength as concrete, however they also bring an added touch of design. Pavers come in a blend of earth tones and bring a richer look to any landscape.​
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