Artificial Turf for Putting Green

Natural Golf Performance Without the Hassle of Regular Maintenance

Our artificial turf products are also suitable for putting green on a golf course. They are designed to function as close as possible to a natural golf course’s putting green. The manufacturing was done with help from professional golf researchers, to ensure real golf performance and improvement. When we install the putting green, they will act and feel like real golf greens and will be virtually indistinguishable to the average golfer.


The Precision Putt Pro is a state of the art putting green surface product. It is created with the discerning golf professional in mind, as it perfectly simulates the feel of putting greens you normally see on tour. It relies on multi-colored nylon to produce a very realistic looking artificial golf grass.


We have artificial grass that is the perfect choice if you are looking for the best in safety and performance. It features attractive green and lime grass blades, complemented by dense tan thatch constructed out of nylon. It passes the requirements of ASTM E108 and has a Class A fire rating. It is also comfortable enough for use in high traffic areas.


Reliability and performance is the name of the game here. It features a shorter pile height, while retaining the same safety and performance features, including the vibrant field green and lime grass blades and dense tan thatch. It’s suitable not just for golf fringe areas, but also anywhere you will expect heavy foot traffic such as rooftops, playgrounds, and pet areas.


This is the perfect product if you expect heavy foot traffic. It sits at a hefty 1-inch high pile height and designed to withstand a lot of foot traffic. It’s the one to get if you need resiliency and flexibility in your artificial turf.

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This artificial turf is all about performance. It has a low profile pile height and uses heavy duty omega-shaped blades, giving it the best strength and resilience compared to other turf varieties. While its focus is on heavy duty performance, it also features delustered and UV stabilized colors to ensure long-lasting attractiveness.

Help the Environment​

Our artificial turf product is made with the environment in mind. We value environmental sustainability, and ensure that the product has an extended lifespan. The overall result is a reduced carbon footprint, conservation of water resources, and a product that can use renewable and recycled materials in manufacturing. We take environmentally-conscious builders in mind, and all of our projects are aligned with the same vision and principle.

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