Low Maintenance Backyard Ideas

Having a beautiful backyard is one thing. But keeping them beautiful is a completely different matter altogether. One that involves work and maintenance. So if you want to enjoy the benefits of a scenic property, you have to put in the work. However, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do to lighten the responsibilities. Low maintenance backyard ideas are aplenty, and they might be the thing you need to keep your backyard pretty yet hassle-free.

low maintenance backyard ideas

Quick Low Maintenance Backyard Ideas 

  • Use low maintenance plants – plants are usually the part of your backyard landscape that will require the most attention. You can reduce the amount of time it takes if you opt for plants that require very little watering. Many succulents and desert-specific plants fit this criteria. They look beautiful, and you also get the bonus of sturdy plants that can stand up to harsh weather and pests.
  • Use stone floors if possible – pavers are a lot less fussy compared to soil or mulch. And they look good as well, especially if you know how to place them properly. The sweet spot is to use pavers for pathways and places that will see a lot of foot traffic, while using soil for areas that will have plants.
  • Use automation – if you are willing to spend a little bit, there are maintenance tasks that can be automated. This includes irrigation. Get the services of professional landscapers such as Water Wise Landscape and they’ll help incorporate automation into your landscape.
  • Minimize the amount of lights needed to the bare minimum – you don’t need to turn your backyard into a department store showroom. Use only the amount of lights needed to illuminate pathways at night, and take security into consideration (lights that can be turned off remotely are perfect). Not only will this minimize the amount of lights you have to maintain, it also reduces your overall electricity consumption.

Need Help with Your Low Maintenance Backyard Ideas?

We know that backyard landscaping will require more than one set of hands. This is particularly true if you want to get things right the first time around, and you don’t want to make any expensive mistakes during materials procurement and the construction itself. Contact Water Wise Landscape and we will help turn your low maintenance backyard ideas into reality.

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