Choosing The Right Lighting For Your Landscape

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of any landscape. However, deciding on what fixtures to purchase can be difficult because there are many different types and styles to choose from. Landscape lighting is an amazing way to enhance any outdoor area. There are many different types of lights to choose from. There are spotlights, wall lights, surface mounts, landscape lights, and more! Make sure that you choose the right landscape lighting system for your property. Before you decide on which fixture you’ll use, consider some factors to help you make the right choice for your landscaping needs.

For the most part, the type of fixture you choose will be a matter of preference and what will look best in your yard. Below is a guide to choosing the right lighting for your landscape. As you read, keep in mind the look you’re trying to achieve.

The Types of Lighting You Can Use For Your Landscape

There are many different types of lighting you can install in your garden. Here are a few to help you pick the right one.


Floodlighting is great for illuminating large areas. It can also be useful for security purposes. Security cameras are always present in floodlighting areas, including residential and business settings. The combination provides maximum security by letting you clearly see your property and the people entering it. Floodlights can also be used as a supplement to light up a place at night or during certain hours.

Pathway Lights

Pathway lights are great for guiding people along your pathways. They are low-cost and beneficial for safety purposes. As a homeowner, you want to provide a safe place for everyone in your family and your guests. One thing you can do to help with this is to install pathway lights to guide them along your pathways. Not only do they provide a sense of guidance and safety, but they also give off a great source of light in the evenings to help illuminate your pathways. Pathway lights are also very low-cost, so you can keep your budget on the right track while also getting something beneficial for your family. The best part is you don’t have to worry about installing difficult lighting with dimmer switches and power adapters, because pathway lights are designed to be easy to install.

Ground Lights

Ground lighting is used for plants that grow underneath trees. You can improve the health and growth of your plants by using lighting to improve the quality of your soil. If you live in an area where the soil is fairly dark, you can use ground lights to help make things a little brighter. Just by getting the right color temperature and type of lamp, you can improve the rate of growth of your plants and the quality of your soil.

Stain or Paint Lights

Staining or painting lighting is used to bring attention to certain areas in your garden. It can also help with distinguishing plants that may look similar to each other. When you’re looking to make certain plants stand out in your garden, you may want to invest in some special light that can be used with some types of plants. Stained glass lighting is a popular choice. You’ll want to choose a style that matches the colors of the plants you want to focus on and then place the stained glass lighting near them. It’s best to place these lights in the shade and keep the plants close to them. You can use these lights to help your plants grow bigger or to create a beautiful picture in your garden that will boost your property value.

Plan Out The Landscape Lighting Project Carefully

Outdoor lighting can be tricky if you’re going for natural and subtle effects. In general, brighter is better when it comes to highlighting shapes and colors outdoors, but that doesn’t mean you should light up your entire yard with a spotlight. Instead of all-or-nothing “spotlighting,” use landscape lighting fixtures that highlight only what needs attention. For example, if you don’t want to detract from the shape and color of trees, avoid classic spotlights or floodlights in favor of small LED beams. Think creatively when planning out your home or garden lighting project!

Look for fixtures that bring out the best in your landscaping. When planning your garden and landscape lighting, to make sure it’s appropriate you must first consider what types of plants or trees will surround your house or yard and how much light and water they’ll need from the fixtures.

Hire A Professional Landscape Lighting Professional

Landscape lighting is a great feature to add to your home for many reasons. It can give your home or business a sense of security, improve curb appeal, and provide the ideal environment for being outside at night. However, if you are not trained in landscape design and installation, you will need to hire a professional. This will ensure that your outdoor lighting system is installed correctly and that it will be safe for everyone.

Lighting design is the art of placing outdoor lighting to create a certain feel for your space. It is a subtle way of influencing the way that people experience your space. Lighting design is also a vital way in which you can control the safety of your space. It is important to have your outdoor lighting system installed correctly to create a safe space. If you do not have the design skills to do this yourself, it is important to hire a professional to do the job for you.

The exterior of your home is often the first and last thing people see when visiting your home. They must see a beautiful garden, but not at the expense of safety. Light up the night with landscape lighting from Water Wise Landscape! A well-lit landscape ensures one feels secure and that their property will be safe from intruders. Too much lighting can be a waste of electricity, so we avoid it. At Water Wise Landscape, our team of experts are knowledgeable in outdoor lighting design and functionality, ensuring your property has the perfect ambiance without wasteful overuse. Contact us today and get a free quote!

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