Why Choose Water-Efficient Remodels for Your Landscape

There are two main reasons why choosing a water-efficient to remodel can be beneficial: saving money on utility bills and reducing runoff pollution. If you’re interested in learning how to reduce both costs and environmental impact, read on!

How Does Water Efficiency Work?

The first step towards creating a sustainable garden is understanding what causes water waste in the first place. The biggest culprit behind wasted water is overwatering. Plants require plenty of water during hot summer months but not all of it needs to reach the root system. Instead, some of it evaporates before reaching the plant itself. Overwatered plants don’t grow well and eventually die. They also produce fewer fruits and vegetables which reduces yield.

The second major cause of water wastage comes from excessive irrigation systems. Most sprinkler heads only spray water once per hour. That’s enough time for most weeds to germinate and take over the soil. Sprinklers should be set up at least twice as often to ensure that no weed seeds survive.

What Can Be Done With Less Water?

If you have limited access to outdoor watering supplies or simply prefer to avoid wasting precious resources, consider installing rain barrels instead. Rainwater collection tanks collect excess rainfall and store it until needed by the house. When the tank fills with water, it releases into the yard through a hose connected to the spigot. These hoses usually come equipped with shutoff valves that prevent overflow when the pressure gets too high.

If you live near a lake or river, you may be able to install a pond filter. Pond filters remove impurities like algae and sediment from the water. In return, they provide cleaner drinking water for fish and other aquatic life. Ponds also help keep mosquitoes away because their shallow depth prevents mosquito larvae from developing.

Another option is to build raised beds around your vegetable gardens. Raised beds allow moisture to drain out of the ground naturally rather than sitting stagnant under leaves and debris. As a result, these beds will stay drier longer and need less frequent watering.

Why Rely on Professional Landscape Company for Your Water Efficient Remodels

When it comes to building a beautiful backyard, nothing beats professional assistance. A good contractor knows exactly what he/she is doing and has years of experience working with different types of materials. He/She also understand local regulations regarding construction projects. For example, many municipalities prohibit homeowners from digging trenches without permits.

A skilled landscaper will know how to properly lay down concrete pavers and stone paths. He/She will also make sure that any new structures meet safety standards. Finally, a reputable company will offer free estimates and follow through on its promises.

A qualified landscaper will always recommend products made specifically for gardening purposes. Some companies sell generic tools that aren’t designed for specific tasks. Others sell expensive equipment that doesn’t last very long.

In addition to providing quality services, a reliable landscaper can give you tips about saving money on maintenance costs. If you’re planning to add a pool, ask him/her whether this type of project requires additional fees. Also, inquire about possible discounts available for bulk purchases.

If you live in the desert, you may be interested in our services. Water Wise Landscape specializes in designing and installing water-efficient landscapes. We offer a variety of services including landscaping, irrigation, and drainage. Contact us today to find out more information about our water-efficient remodels services!

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