What is Xeriscape Landscape Design

Xeriscape landscape design is fast becoming popular as far as landscaping techniques are concerned. This is especially true in the desert city community, as xeriscaping is well-suited to the region’s unique climate and geological makeup.

Also known as dryscaping, xeriscaping is a landscaping principle that minimizes the need for irrigation. This is why it is extremely well-suited for landscapes and gardens in the desert city community, where access to fresh water is either difficult or unreliable. Even in areas where water supply is plentiful, xeriscaping is still popular because it helps conserve vital resources. There are a number of undeniable advantages inherent in dryscaping:

  • Water consumption is optimized
  • Landscapes and gardens are drought-tolerant
  • Many of the desert plants thrive in xeriscaping
  • You are helping the environment by conserving resources
  • Xeriscape landscape design is low maintenance

Fundamentals of Xeriscape Landscape Design

Use Plants That Demand Little Water

Xeriscape landscape design relies on the use of plants that are very efficient when it comes to water. Most of the plants used in this regard are the naturally drought resistant species that are prevalent in dry climates. This has the knock-on effect of making the plants require very little supervision, as they are able to adapt to dry climates.

It is worth noting that nursery grown plants will not immediately exhibit the same drought resistance as its wild counterpart, so you still need to care for the plants for at least two years. Once they have adapted, you can generally leave them alone as their roots will burrow deep enough to live even without constant irrigation.

Irrigation is Still Important

Just because dryscaping is efficient in its water demands, does not necessarily mean that you can neglect irrigation. Irrigation is still a crucial part of xeriscaping. The only difference is that it relies on low pressure systems. These low-pressure irrigation systems only deliver water to the root zone, to ensure just enough water is given to the plants so they can survive and bloom enough to be attractive.

Get a Professional to Help You

Lastly, you need to accept that landscaping by itself is not easy enough to be a weekend DIY project. You need professionals on the job, if you don’t want to waste time and resources. It goes double for xeriscape landscape design, as it requires technical expertise that are usually outside the means of a homeowner. Contact Water Wise Landscape and we’ll give you a free quote.

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