landscaping expert tips


There is potential for mistakes when trying to care for your own landscape, so in order to avoid some costly and ugly mistakes, we have collated a bunch of tips from landscaping experts. Most of these are easy to apply, and can save you a lot of headache in the future:

Landscaping Experts Believe You Should Ditch the Mower Bag

We get it, you want your lawn to be as clean and spot-free as possible so you want all of those grass clippings inside a mower bag ASAP. However, it is much better for your lawn if you leave the grass clippings. They make great food for earthworms and microbes that in turn will keep your lawn green and healthy.

Don’t Forget the View from Inside the House

Most of the time, people get so caught up in how their landscape looks. They end up forgetting the fact that they will also see it from behind the house windows. So landscaping experts advise that you take into account how the landscape looks when looking from inside your house. Make sure you consider this when talking to a landscaping contractor like Water Wise Landscape.

Don’t Go Overboard with the Flowers

The flowers may look good now, but you will realize your mistake when next spring rolls around. The overabundance of the flowers will no longer look that good, and you will have a hard time with all of the weeding and pruning you will have to do. If you really love flowers, add a designated garden. Keep the flowers on your landscape to the bare minimum you need.

Red Mulch May Look Pretty, But Be Careful

According to landscaping experts, red mulch may look pretty but they have been found to contain harsh chemicals and arsenic, which could be harmful to children and pets. There are other ways of making your lawn beautiful, do not resort to shortcuts like red dyed mulch.

Don’t Bother with Weed Fabric

It may seem like an easy time-saving trick at first, but don’t bother laying weed fabric on your landscape. They’re generally a waste of money and time in the long term, and weeds will just grow on top anyway. Weed will continue growing on top of it, no matter how many layers you add. There are better, more natural ways of killing weeds without the use of chemicals.

Finally, Don’t Be Afraid to Leave it to the Professional Landscaping Experts

Going DIY is admirable, but for something as involved and as complex as landscaping, you should leave it to professionals such as Water Wise Landscape. You will end up saving more time and money in the long run, and you will end up with a better-looking property. Contact Water Wise Landscape today and we will give you a FREE quote.