Artificial Turf for Residential Playgrounds

Your children’s safety is paramount.

Everything from your children’s playground to their play set must account for their safety and security. This naturally includes the playground surface. It is common knowledge that many injuries on playgrounds come from abrasive, hard, or unsafe surfaces. Our artificial turf products will help you avoid these. They are designed to be the safest playground surface anywhere. They can accommodate any playground equipment and can protect children from falls as high as 12 feet, making them compliant with IPEMA standards and CSA approval for fall attenuation.


There is a wide range of options on offer for playground surfaces. They range from pea gravel, to mulch, rubber, or even other artificial grass products used for playgrounds. None of them can compare to our artificial turf products.

Other playground surfaces tend to be very inconsistent when it comes to providing safety and protection. 

Surfaces that are constructed of gravel, sand or mulch may be safe at first. But as time goes by, the materials get displaced by heavy foot traffic and end up exposing the hard ground underneath.

Rubber surfaces are a little bit safer, but they present other problems. They end up being too hot in the summer due to the material’s tendency to absorb heat. 

While in winter, rubber surfaces and similar alternatives become hard and brittle, offering very little in the way of protection.

Our artificial turf is the only playground surface that can offer consistent protection even in heavy foot traffic areas, regardless of weather, height, and play equipment. 

It’s also a plus that they look like natural green grass, which will make your playground look very attractive all year long. There’s also other benefits:

Wide Range of Choices

We have different artificial grass products for play areas, so that you can choose the right one depending on your needs or budget.

Safety Feature

The artificial turf has a soft padding underneath, and it is designed to withstand stress and pressure so that it will not be displaced even with heavy use and activity.

Non Abrasive

Say goodbye to cuts and bruises. Our product is soft and easy on the skin.

Goodbye Grass Stains

You don’t have to worry about your kids getting all dirty from dirt, mud, and grime.


Our artificial grass is perfect if your kid has allergies triggered by natural grass and soil.

No More Messy Water Build Up

Our product is rated to drain water at a rate of 30 inches per hour, so it is always ready for playtime even after heavy rains.

Weather Resistant

Whether it’s winter, spring, summer, or fall, our artificial turf will provide consistent protection.


ASTM HIC approved and tested

Modular Use

You don’t have to replace all parts of a playground surface. You can choose to replace only the areas with heavy foot traffic.

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Since we offer a wide range of artificial turf products, we make sure we install them properly and according to the recommendations by the manufacturer. This is why different products and different playgrounds will have their own installation procedures. The considerations we take into account include:

  • The height of the equipment – this covers the highest possible fall from a child playing on the equipment. This will help us decide the right foam padding protection.
  • The areas expecting heavy foot traffic – this means the area will benefit from replaceable products
  • HIC (Head Injury Criteria) requirements – this is necessary to ensure the best protection against possible head injury.
  • The customer’s own preference and needs

Help the Environment​

Our artificial turf product is made with the environment in mind. We value environmental sustainability, and ensure that the product has an extended lifespan. The overall result is a reduced carbon footprint, conservation of water resources, and a product that can use renewable and recycled materials in manufacturing. We take environmentally-conscious builders in mind, and all of our projects are aligned with the same vision and principle.

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