What is an Arborist?

Water Wise Landscape includes arborist services as part of our offerings. This kind of service is very important, especially in desert city communities where trees and plants may struggle surviving. It is not enough to hire some random neighbor to cut down or trim the plants and trees in your landscape. If you want the greens in your property to thrive and look beautiful, you need to bring in an expert.

An arborist is someone who well-versed in arboriculture, which is the study of vines, trees, and other woody plants. This knowledge and expertise includes the cultivation and management, as well as removal and disposal if needed.

An arborist’s expertise is needed because there are a lot of potential problems with plant and trees that requires a knowledgeable professional:

      • Pruning of trees – if trees are just left to grow on their own and not pruned, it could interfere with important structures and utilities, as well as obstruct sidewalks and doorways. Worse, it could even grow weak and diseased, which makes it prone to pest infestation. An arborist can determine the type of pruning needed in order to improve the health of the trees and keep it from obstructing the homeowners’ way of life.
      • Tree removal – as a last resort, trees that have grown too weak and diseased require removal. Otherwise their pests will find their way to the homeowners’ house, and the tree itself is a safety hazard when it falls down. An arborist can perform the necessary removal safely and with minimal damage to the property.
      • Planting – arborists can also help plant trees and other plants, in case your landscape needs it. They can recommend the right species and the right amount in order to help the greeneries become sustainable.

Other Services Performed by an Arborist

Aside from the above, arborists also perform other important tasks such as preventive maintenance and healthcare for your landscape’s trees and plants, soil modification and fertilization, installation of lighting protection systems, and cabling or bracing work in order to help support weak trees. Other arborists will even provide consulting and legal advice in relation to trees and plant, particularly in states that have specific restrictions.

Water Wise Landscape understands the need for arborists, which is why we include these services if needed. Contact us today if you have any landscaping needs that require the expertise of an arborist. Get in touch with us and we will give you a free consultation and a free quote.

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